Why participate in social groups?

If you have a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, or Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, Social Skills is a word you are quite familiar with — and with good reason!  Children with deficits in social cognition struggle with initiating and maintaining relationships. In order to be fully successful in society it is imperative that students learn to:

  • Initiate social interactions
  • attend with expected eye contact and focus
  • understand figurative language
  • infer others’ meanings and intentions from verbal and non-verbal messages
  • understand others’ thoughts and feelings
  • be a flexible thinker!

We are excited to announce that Tiffany, our lead social group therapist, was chosen to participate in a Clinical Training at the Social Thinking Clinic in Boston. Our therapists/social coaches blend the most recent research based practices from across the country to improve your child’s language, organizational skills, and social conventions. Our therapists develop weekly or daily lessons plans aligned with our training specific to your child’s needs.  It is a well developed therapeutic program backed by evidence based practice.

After School Social Groups at Aaris Therapy

Aaris Therapy offers After School Social Groups September through May.   Social groups are divided into: Preschool Group, Elementary Group (K-3 and 4-5), Middle School/ High School Group.  Days and times of groups are determined based on the needs of the students and families enrolled.  All schedules are attempted to be accommodated.  Please call or email to inquire about exact dates, enrollment and costs.

Summer Social Camp

Camp Registration opens in April of each year.  Campers attend a 3 hour session daily for 2 weeks in June.  Call or email for more information and a camp packet will be sent to you.  Early Bird Registration for Summer 2017 Camp closes May 12, 2017.  Call today for details!!

What you can expect from COACHES:

  • At minimum: 1 therapist/social coach trained in social cognitive deficits + 1 assistant and/or 2nd therapist per group if group level justifies more than 1:4 ratio.
  • Consistent, research based, data driven social cognitive instruction with weekly lesson plans and over all session themes.
  • Handouts each week pertaining to lesson plans.
  • Coaches will provide snacks and beverages, and will honor any dietary needs.
  • Follow up home instruction programming related to weekly lesson.
  • Social learning incorporating structure, routine, and fun motivating activities.
  • Weekly Group parent meeting regarding lesson plans, instruction, home programming and child’s performance in group.*
  • In accordance with Aaris Therapy policy as well as HIPAA all coaches strictly adhere to confidentiality practices.  Additionally, should ANY outside professionals be observing, they will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

* Group Parent meetings must be limited to fifteen minutes, due to the necessity of back-to-back group scheduling.  Please be on time to parent meeting for full benefits of home programming instructions for best results from group lessons.