“Get in the Zone” Yoga

Yoga classes are now offered at Aaris Therapy Group!  Research provides evidence that yoga can help your child’s body and brain learn by preparing them both mentally and physically.  Yoga postures and breathing techniques foster relaxation to help energize, organize, and calm students.  Students also learn calming strategies to manage the anxiety and sensory integration dysfunction often associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  “Get in the Zone” yoga will help your child understand emotions, and learn strategies for self regulation.  Most importantly, they can learn strategies to get into the calm, alert learning zone!

Classes will be offered in conjunction with after school social groups (see calendar).  This is included in the cost of a 90-minute weekly social skill lesson. Parents may also participate in a 30 minute session while your child is in social group for $5.00 per session.

To register for kid yoga classes or social groups, call 330-505-1606.